Facts & Figures

Paris is the capital of France; over 2,2 million people live in this city. Paris is famous for its many highlights: monuments, museums, restaurants, fashion and its city landscape at the Seine. Read more about facts & figures.

Sleep, Food & Drinks

Paris has many beautiful hotels, cosy bars and restaurants. While searching for an accommodation in Paris, you will quickly realize that there’s endless possibilities. What to look for when you’re searching for a place to stay or eat? Read more about hotelsrestaurants and bars in Paris.


Paris was conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BC. Gradually, little villages developed around the little islands of the Seine, the people living there were called the Parissii. To read what happened between then and now: read more about Parisian history.


Paris has a continental climate which is characterized by warm and sunny summers, moderate winters. The average temperature in July is about 25°C. In winter the temperature drops to an average of 2°C in January. For the current weather in Paris, or weather-based travel advice, read more about the weather in Paris

Practical Paris

Read up before your trip to Paris! The currency used is the Euro; where can you get these? Do you have to tip taxi drivers and waiters? How much is a hotel in Paris going to cost me? Read our practical information about Paris!