Paris Nightlife

Paris is always full of life! Every district of the city has a different atmosphere and different types of day- and nightlife. Parisian nightlife has something for everyone. Jazz, rock, pop, disco and techno; there’s venues, bars and clubs for everyone. Check one of the cozy music bars with live music, drink the night away in a fancy cocktail bar or move your feet in one of the many dance clubs. Paris won’t bore you during the day; but it will keep you busy at night as well! No time to sleep!


  • 4th of January – Fête des Rois
    The party of the kings is celebrated by many of Parisians. The city is full of royal cakes, the ‘galettes de rois’. These cakes are sold after Christmas. Enjoy, but be careful! One of the royal cakes has a little porcelain statue hidden inside. When you find this little porcelain statue, you are the king of the city and may wear the symbolic crown.
  • 26th of January – Chinese New Year
    The Chinese inhabitants of Paris celebrate their New Year on this day. Take the subway to Place d’Italie for a huge and colorful parade.
  • End of February – Carnaval in Paris
    Every year at the end of February or the beginning of March Parisians celebrate Carnaval. A huge red cow is this holiday’s symbol. Rue Belgrand, the Rue de Faubourg du Temple and the Rue de la Coutellerie are great places for a traditional Carnaval party!
  • Start of April- Marathon
    Every year in April. About 35000 runners line up at 9 in the morning for one of the biggest marathon runs in the world.
  • May – Saint-Fermain-des-prés Jazz Festival
    Chill in May and listen to the relaxing jazz and blues sounds. A great place to be if you’re into (electro)jazz, blues or gospel!
  • Start of December – Salon de nautique
    This huge event is located in the Port de Versailles. Enjoy the view of all types of boats in all shapes and sizes. You won’t believe your eyes!