Paris City Bus

The Paris city buses go places the metro can’t take you, and they’re above ground: you’ll be able to see Paris’ beautiful sights while you’re in transit!

The city bus system is similar to the metro system. Bus routes are color-coded. If you miss a bus, you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 15 minutes for another one to arrive.

Bus tickets are the same tickets you buy in the Metro. You can transfer between buses within 90 minutes of your first journey. Buying tickets in advance is always cheaper than buying them in the bus.

Hop on, Hop off

For a super convenient way to see Paris without having to worry about metro times, maps and tickets, you should take the hop-on, hop-off bus.

A hop-on, hop-off bus is constantly driving between the main tourist attractions. You buy a ticket for a day or more, and from that moment on you’re free to ride the bus and hop off wherever you want.