Sights near La Marais and Bastille

  • Place de Vosges (La Marais)
    La Marais en Bastill wasn’t a good neigbourhood in the past but nowadays it is a very modern and popular district. The Place de Vosges is te oldest square in Paris, and it  is surrounded by beautiful buildings. A great place for a walk.
  • Colonne de Juillet ( Bastille)
    This monument memorizes the famous jail that was demolished on the 14th of July.
  • Unique shopping (Bastille)
    In this district you will find plenty of second hand shops, special boutiques and interesting galleries. When you’re not into big commercial stores, you will feel at home in le Bastille.
  • Place d’Agligre
    Mingle with the locals: buy some fruit and vegetables at the Place d’Agligre.