Paris in a nutshell

  • Paris, also known as the city of love, is the capital of France
  • It is also one of Europe’s main hubs for culture, art and fashion
  • There are over 1800 monuments in the city, and roughly 170 museums
  • The Paris Metro is the 4th largest public transportation system in the world
  • Paris is famous for its Eiffel Tower, but did  you know there are four miniature Statues of Liberty hidden away in Paris?
  • It is hard to believe, but not the Eiffel Tower, but the Notre Dame is the most visited landmark in the city!
  • Paris cherishes its green side! They counted and registered all trees (there’s 470,000 of them) to make upkeep easier.
  • The Eiffel Tower was originally supposed to be a temporary installation for the 1889 World Fair.
  • For more in-depth information on Parisian culture, check this page.


Size 105,4 km2
Language French
Currency Euro (€)
Timezone GMT+1
Inhabitants 2,2 million


Paris is beautiful in every single season. Paris’ continental climate is characterized by warm and sunny summers and moderate winters. The average temperature in July is about 25°C. During winter the temperature drops to an average of 2°C.