Food of Paris

Specialties of Paris

For centuries food in Paris was supplied from the countryside of Paris. Nowadays the Parisians shops and markets are supplied with products from whole France and further. Besides traditional French meals offers Paris a growing number of international restaurants. In every district you will recognize the regional proud of the French. When you visit the supermarkets, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the trade marks. French specialties, like liquor and cheese, get a trade mark as sign of reliability. When you prefer biological food look for a label AB. The traditional meals of Paris are mainly based on meat. Beef, veal, lam and pork are the most eaten meats of Paris. Paris is known of it’s high quality cuisine and a diversity of meal dishes.

Typical meals of Paris

In Paris you will find plenty international meals, but also the traditional French cuisine. Champaign, pain, wine and French cheese will make your visit to Paris worthy. Bread and cheese will usually be the main basic ingredients of your Parisian meal. Everywhere in Paris you’ll be able to score a fresh, crispy pain, some cheese and a good French wine. France counts more then 300 kinds of French cheese; the best known are the Camembert, the Brie and the Roquefort. I would recommend you to buy the delicious French cheese in a authentic French fromagerie and not in the supermarket.

  • Pot-au-Feu
    A typical Parisian meal is the Pot-au-Feu. This meal includes products from the central market Les Halles, the abatoirs in La Vilette and from the harbour of Bercy. Pot-au-Feu is a traditional bistrodish with as basic ingredient a nice piece of beef. The beef is boiled in water with onion, carrots and leek. The beef leftovers are use by the French to make miriton de boeuf.
  • Entrecôte Marchand de vin
    Another typical Parisian meal is the Entrecote Marchand de vin. Steak, served with red wine sauce, butter and onions. Usually your dish includes long French fries, named after the longest bridge of Paris: Pont Neuf.

Typical drinks of Paris

  • Champaign
    French Champaign comes from the Champagne district. The district is legally bordered and real Champaign may only come from the Champagne district. The inhabitants of the district are very proud of their Champaign, which you will recognize in the many flags, flyers and posters. The taste of the Champaign is dependent on the weather and the soil of the grapes.