Weather Paris

Climate Paris

The weather in Paris benefits from the influence of the relatively warm Gulf Stream. In comparison to Vancouver on the same degree of latitude, the weather in Paris is warmer and less variable. The weather in Paris is comparable with a semi-continental climate with influences of an oceanic climate. So generally the weather in Paris is mild in the wintertime and comfortable during the summer. The temperatures in Paris are comparable with the temperatures in the Netherlands. The average temperature in Paris in the summer is 20 degrees and in the winter about 5 degrees. The month July is known for the hottest weather and January for the coldest weather. The weather in Paris can be quite windy, especially in the period from November through January.

Precipitation Paris

The weather in Paris comes with precipitation throughout all periods. The weather in the spring in Paris encounters less influence of rainfall. The other seasons are generally comparable as far as goes the precipitation. The rainfall in Paris is characterised by sudden showers, that will generally pass as quick as they arrived. The weather in the winter in Paris is mild, so the city of Paris encounters hardly any inconvenience of snowfall. Though a couple of days every year the city of Paris is covered in a beautiful white blanket.

Best travel period

The best period to go on vacation to Paris will be the spring and summer time. The temperatures in Paris are comfortable and the rain chances are lowest.