Videos Paris

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Music Paris

Along with the romance in Paris comes of course the music. Scattered through Paris you will find street musicians and artists everywhere entertaining the crowds passing by, dominating the streets of Paris. To capture the real ambiance of Paris on video, it is worthwhile to make a video of the variety of artists on the streets of Paris. Make sure you will pay the artists before making any pictures or videos, because making videos without permission will not be appreciated.

Besides the music played on the street of Paris, there are many events hold all year long. For example the Fete de la Musique, hold in Paris every summer. Both amateur and professional musicians will take over Paris; you will find them playing all sorts of music on the streets, in the parks, in the opera houses and in castles. If you have the opportunity to make a video of Bastille Day, don’t miss it! This is the most important national vacation in France. Surprisingly enough you don’t have to miss the beach life on the videos of Paris, because along the banks of the Seine a beach is created. This is a very popular spot for both young and old.


Besides Music, Paris is known for the many sport events. Complete your vacation video of Paris, by making a video during Open de France, the oldest golf tournament in Europe, the Tour de France, bicycle race, or the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, a horse race.