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Map of Paris

Location of Paris

On the map of France, Paris is located in the North. When you look at the map of France, it is prominent that Paris was build in an arch of the river Seine. Thanks to the location of Paris on the river-bed, the surface of Paris is relatively flat. With the exception of a few hills, like the hill Montmartre 130 meters above sea level. Because of the exceptional development of the city of Paris, seven hills are taken up in the city. As you can see on the map of Paris, the historical centre of Paris is located on two islands; Île de la Cité and Île Saint-Louis. Île de la Cité forms the biggest past of the historical centre of Paris. Paris is situated in the centre of many historical and current trade routes, what contributed to the internalisation of Paris. The infrastructure from and to Paris is highly developed. It is not surprising that Paris has become one of the world’s leading cities as regards to politics, science and culture.

Paris; The City of Light

The first things that will cross your mind will be romance and culture. Paris is known for its unrivalled ambiance. Just a short look on the map of Paris is needed to realize that Paris is not like any other city in the world. The ambiance in Paris is magnificent and overwhelming. It is recommended to prepare yourself for the trip to Paris, by studying the map of Paris. Make a selection of the countless sights, activities and events you do not want to miss during your vacation in Paris. An other advantage of good preparation is that you will be familiar with the transportation possibilities. It is good to know that there are separate maps that show the subway stations of Paris.