Sights Paris

Paris’ most famous sight is of course the Eiffel tower. Visit the Eiffel tower, climb the tower or just look at it from a distance. Seeing the Eiffel tower in real life is a must for every visitor, but it’s certainly not the only reason to visit Paris. Paris has plenty sights and activities to offer. There are more then 150 museums in Paris specified in various subjects. Paris is also known for its world-famous churches as the Sacré-Coeur and the Notre-Dame.

Situated in the Marne-la-Vallée district is the famous Disneyland Paris. Note that the park is about 35 km away from the city centre and can be reached by car (~45 minutes) or public transport (~35 minutes). To see everything you probably need more than one day, so make sure you plan this in advance.

One thing for sure: Paris will not disappoint you. The beautiful location of Paris at the Seine offers plenty romantic spots and will make you fall in love with the city. Paris offers you everything: monuments, architecture, good food, perfect shopping locations, interesting museums and a large number of nice bars and clubs.

Paris is the perfect city for culture-lovers. Just the culture of the city itself is very interesting. The many districts and neighborhoods will give you various experiences of the city. Paris is very lively; everyday and everywhere you will find live music and artists surrounding you. Even in places as the subway you will see artists performing for you (and then of course asking for a little money). The art and culture you will find in the streets of Paris is what makes Paris unique and interesting. For a remarkable visit to Paris you should wander around the city streets, get surrounded by Parisians and experience the true city culture.

The most interesting sights of Paris

  • Eiffel tower
  • Louvre
  • Notre-Dame
  • Sacré-Coeur

Sights per district of Paris

The sights and tourist attractions in Paris are spread all over the city but it is very easy to reach them by metro or RER-trains. It could also be tempting to buy a ticket for the tourist bus. This bus follows a route with stops at leading museums and tourist attractions. You hop of the bus, explore an attraction or district and hop on another bus when you’re ready to move on.
Paris is a touristy city and it is good to keep in mind that there will be lines for sights as the most famous museums and the Eiffel tower. Avoid disappointment and plan not too many activities on one day. Take your time to explore the city.

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