Practical Paris


There is always something to experience in Paris. The city is most lively during spring and summer, because of the visits of plenty tourists. When you would like to visit Paris during a calmer period of the year, you should realise that the weather could be a little more grey. The atmosphere of Paris in winter is totally different than the atosphere during the summer. Despite the change of grey weather, you would probably still feel the warm and homely atmosphere of the city Paris.


In general the Parisians speak French. But the visits of many tourists did result in plenty of Parisians being able to speak English, especially the ones working with tourists in hotels, restaurants of touristshops.


The monetary unit of Paris is the Euro.


In Paris, you shouldn’t feel obliged to tip, usually tips of your drinks or dinner are already included in the bill. A taxi-driver or a chambermaid on the other hand, will likely expect you to tip.

It could be handy to take some change in Euro’s with you, for example to pay for a taxi or to use a luggagecart at the airpart. Paris offers lots of international ATMs, so you shouldn’t worry about oppurtunities to take out some cash during your visit.


Although you won’t think about hospitals when you’re going on a holiday, it is always good to make sure your insurance is okay. Just verify before you go on your trip whether your insurance covers you in a foreign country.  You don’t need any vaccinations in Paris and you also do not have to worry about the quality of healthcare. Would something happen: Paris offers many hospitals with excellent health care!


For a short holiday to Paris you won’t need a visum, just a valid passport or European identity card.


You will find plenty of hotels in Paris and it won’t be a problem to find one once you arrive in Paris. If you would like to know where your staying and what you’re paying for it in advance, it is wise to book ahead.


Traveling by subway is for sure a recommendation. When you travel by subway you van easily reach every touristic highlight. There are 14 subway-routes in Paris. It is a handy and cheap option to travel by public transport in Paris. It is good to know that you can buy a special Paris-Tourist-ticket to travel unlimited for 1, 2, 3, or 5 days by public transport. You should take a look at Sames for more information and details about this ticket and the prices.

When you’re not really into traveling by subway, you could also choose to travel by the big red touristic buses, ‘Le Cars Rouges’. This hop-on-hop-off bus drives you to all the touristic highlights.

Agenda of Events

  • 4th January – Fête des Rois
  • 26th of January – Chinese New Year
  • End of February – Carnaval in Paris
  • Start of April- Marathon
  • May – Saint-Fermain-des-prés Jazz Festival
  • 14th July – National Holiday, Day of Bastille
  • End of June – Fashion (and wedding) event
  • Start of December – Salon de Nautique