State of Paris

Form of Government of Paris

Paris has been divided in twenty districts, in Paris known as ‘arrondissements’. These arrondissements are again subdivided in quarters, ‘quartiers’, which Paris counts 80. Each district has its own municipal council.
In totally there are 517 city councillors and 163 of them are chosen to become part of the council of Paris. These choosen coucillors choose from their group of 163 members the mayor of Paris. The present mayor of Paris is Bertrand Delanoë. This French politician is member of the socialistic party and has been mayor of the city since March 2001. One of his realisations has been the introduction of the possiblity to rent public bicycles in Paris.

Government of Paris

The mayor Bertrand Delanoë is a very open man and governs with an open approach. Some inhabitants of Paris couldn’t immediatly appreciate this. In October of 2002, an immigrants son committed an attempted murder on the mayor because of his openness of his homosexuality. Fortunately, Bertrand Delanoë didn’t get heavily wounded. Bertrand Delanoë has even written a book about his experiences of begin the mayor of Paris and about his feelings for Paris. The book, Pour l’ honneur the Paris, was pubilshed in 1999.