Inhabitants of Paris

The centre of Paris counts about 2,15 million inhabitants. When you include the whole urban area the inhabitants number rise until 11 million. This results in 2,150,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Paris is known as a multicultural society. People from all over the world move to Paris to experience its magic atmospheres. Students, elderly people or young families from the Netherlands, Asia, Sweden or Africa live in this lively city. The largest groups of foreigners living in Paris are originally from Spain, Morocco and Vietnam.

Demographics of Paris

Between 1950 and 1975 especially Spaniards and Portuguese moved to Paris. Especially immigrants from Morocco, Algeria and Egypt move to Paris between 1950 and 2000. Lots of Vietnamese immigrants came to Paris around 1980 because of the Vietnamese war. Paris has always been open for immigrants. Most inhabitants of foreign origin live in the 12th , 19th and 20th arrondissement of Paris.
From the 58 million inhabitants of France, more than eleven million live in or around Paris. Paris is one of the most densely populated city’s of the world.