Economy of Paris

Paris is both the political as the business and economical center of France. Paris is a developing city, that didn’t stop growing since its origin. Paris and its suburbs keep developing and more and more districts become part of the city. Plans are made to decentralize Paris, but until now it didn’t really happen yet. Plans to move financial companies out of the heart of Paris, didn’t make it any further then the suburbs of Paris. The economy of Paris is mainly dependent on the touristic infrastructure. Companies that attract lots of employees are for example car companies as Renault and Citroen and the electro industry of the city. Paris also makes money of the typical Parisian goods a jewelry, perfume and Haute Couture. 13% of the Parisians are jobless.

Paris in the global economy

Paris is seen as one of the motors of the global economy. If Paris would have been a country, Paris would be the 17th largest economy of the world in 2007. This is comparable with the economy in the Netherlands. In 2009 Paris made it to the most expensive city for products and services. The suburban districts around Paris are 20th of the largest urban districts of the world. The inhabiting density of Paris is comparable with districts in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.