Culture of Paris

Paris is well known as the most romantic city of the world. The unique warm atmosphere you will find in Paris will impossible disappoint you. Whether you visit Paris in winter, summer, spring or autumn: Paris will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tail word. In Paris you will find all kind of people with varying nationalities. You will recognize this in the Parisian art and culture. Paris offers world famous art and well known museums as the Dali Museum, the Louvre and the Museum D’Orsay. Also not surprising: lot’s of movies are produced in Paris. The Parisian culture will guarantee a worthy visit.

Specific examples of Parisian culture

Besides the well known museums offer Paris plenty of other small arts. The real art and culture of Paris can you best experience in the streets. The Parisians are not even surprised anymore, but as a tourists you will be overwhelmed by street artists, musicians in subways or strangely clothed fashion addicts in the streets of Paris. Paris is a city which you truly have to experience yourself. When you’re interested in modern art; Paris is a great city for you! Besides the famous museums, there are lots of smaller places that offer interesting modern art. A must see is the museum Palais de Tokyo; here you will find very interesting temporary, digital and conceptual art.