Culture of Paris

Paris is the center of art and culture. When you are an art lover, you won’t get bored in a city with more then 150 museums. Do you want to know more about the Parisian culture and the museums? Read more about the culture of Paris.

Economy Paris

In the past Paris had to deal with quite something: lots of protests and two world wars didn’t make it easy for Paris. Are you interested in the economics of Paris? Read more about the past and temporary economic status of Paris.

Food in Paris

Paris is well known of it’s delicious dark chocolate and meat dishes. Would you like to read more about the famous Parisian recepies? Read more about the gastronomy of Paris.

Events in Paris

Paris is a lively city. Whether you visit Paris in winter or in summer, there is always something going on. In Paris you will find the most interesting event. Would you like to know what is happening in Paris when you are going for a visit? Read more about the events in Paris!

Flora & Fauna Paris

When the busyness is a little overwhelming, you can escape the busy city life in Paris and visit one of it’s parks or zoo’s. Paris has more then 150 city parks, which gives you the opportunity to relax and experience nature. Read more about the flora and fauna in Paris.

History of Paris

Paris has a unique and long history. The inhabitants of Paris have always been fighting for their city. Would you like to know more about where Paris has gone through in the past? Read more about the history of Paris.

Inhabitants of Paris

In Paris and its suburbs live about 11 million people. How did the city develop and what kind of people went to live in Paris? Read more about the inhabitants of Paris.

Climate of Paris

The Parisian climate is quite sunny. Would you like to know what the temperature will be like when you are going to visit? Read more about the climate of Paris.

State of Paris

How is Paris governed and by who? Would you like to know more about the public administration and politics in Paris? Read more about the state, the government and the politics which influence the Parisian live.